We’re Clubmark accredited


Cranston Park LTC gained Clubmark accreditation in 2008 and was the first club in London and the second in Essex to achieve accreditation. Approximately 206 clubs in the London and Essex area have been awarded Tennis Clubmark status. Proudly we are the only tennis club in Upminster to have achieved the accreditation.

Clubmark was introduced by Sport England in 2002 to try and ensure a consistency of best practice and minimum operating standards in accredited clubs, whatever the sport, and to provide a forum to support good practice in sports clubs working with children and young people.

It has been developed to ensure that all clubs awarded Tennis Clubmark:

  • Deliver appropriate tennis opportunities to all players whatever their ability
  • Provide regular competitive opportunities
  • Ensure the well-being of young tennis players
  • Enthuse tennis players to enjoy tennis
  • Enable tennis players to make optimum use of their talents
  • Identify and support the most talented players

To find out more about Clubmark please see their website