British Tennis Membership

The Lawn Tennis Association introduced a new membership scheme in 2008 simply called British Tennis Membership.

Membership is open to all members of the general public as well as members of LTA affiliated clubs.  British Tennis Membership will help the LTA to provide better services to the British tennis family as a whole from clubs and counties to supporters and competitors.

British Tennis Membership includes a broad range of valuable benefits such as a player rating, membership card (with associated benefits), advice from top professional coaches and players, an e-newsletter, special members-only website content and information on competitions.

Membership is free for all members of affiliated clubs.  It is obviously important the club as a whole supports this venture to enable us to continue to get support from the LTA for our junior coaching programme.

It is now up you to join as soon as possible if you have not already done so.  It couldn’t be easier to sign up to British Tennis Membership, simply visit where you will find a lot more information and an online application form.

Wimbledon Tickets

Our allocation of Wimbledon tickets is based on the number of members who have signed up for British Tennis Membership.  We will also only be able to allow those members who have the LTA scheme to be entered into our own club ballot.  It is therefore even more important and beneficial for you if you sign up for a British Tennis Membership.