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At Cranston Park LTC we are very proud of our coaching team which caters for all standards of player, ranging from beginners who want to raise their standards and enjoyment of the game, to the established players who are looking to improve their performance for competition and tournaments.

Coaching at Cranston Park LTC covers defined group lessons that range from transition which allows beginners and intermediates to meet and play with like-minded people, to performance squads and intensive one-to-one lessons to get that individual experience.

For children over 5 years of age we also provide mini tennis squads that provide an exciting introduction into the world of tennis with an exciting programme from the LTA.

All our latest coaching news and seasonal coaching sessions will be published in our coaching news.

Coaching sessions

We offer several different coaching sessions, dependent on abilities and age.

  • Junior and mini tennis sessions
  • Adult beginner and improver sessions

Squads and transition

As well as the above coaching sessions we provide a number of squad and group lessons

  • Adult transition sessions
  • Junior performance squads

Coaching at local schools

Our tennis coaching programme is regarded as one of the best in the area and as such we are proud to deliver tennis coaching to many of the schools in Upminster, including:

  • Sutton School
  • Engayne School

Our excellent links with local schools combined with our own mini tennis coaching programme demonstrates our commitment to getting kids interested in tennis and developing their skills and enjoyment of the game.  After all, it is this generation that is the future of tennis and it is our role to bring out the best in them.