COVID-19 Coronavirus – Club Status And Risk Assessment

Dear Members,

For the very latest guidelines please see our covid-19 status page.

Return to restricted play at CPLTC

All Government health and social distancing guidelines are to be followed – social distancing of two meters (where possible) and existing Corona virus health guidelines. The continuance of tennis depends on all members respecting and following this notice. In these circumstances, Tennis can be played in the following restricted circumstances.

Venue management

  • The Committee will oversee and maintain implementation of these measures which are for strict compliance.

Pre-attendance symptom check

Anyone attending this venue should self – assess for COVID 19 symptoms. If you have or anyone you live with has:

  • High temperature;
  • A new continuous cough;
  • A loss of, or change to their smell or taste;
  • You should not leave home to participate in tennis.
  • If you have demonstrated any of the above symptoms, you should follow NHS and PHE guidance on self-isolation.

NHS Test and Trace

If anyone at the venue develops symptoms of COVID 19 they should follow the Government’s “Test and Trace” guidelines published on the website. To assist NHS Test and Trace, CPLTC keep records via Clubspark of attendees for 21 days (mandatory requirement).

Tennis activity

In light of the Press Conference held by Boris Johnson PM (19/12/20) and Tier 4 restrictions now applying to Cranston Park LTC.  We have followed directives and guidance both from the Government and the Lawn Tennis Association which shows that rules split for over and under 18-year-olds: 

  • Over 18’s
    • Singles – allowed.
    • 1-2-1 coaching – allowed.
    • Doubles – not allowed unless all four players are from the same household.
    • Adult group coaching – not allowed and will be cancelled until further notice.
    • Group social tennis and team practice – not allowed.
  • Under 18’s
    • Singles – allowed.
    • 1-2-1 coaching – allowed.
    • Group coaching – allowed – players who are 18 now, but 17 at the start of the academic year (on 01/09/2020) can attend group coaching.
    • Doubles – not allowed unless all four players are from the same household.
    • Parents or Guardians attending with under 18-year-olds, this should be limited to one adult and maintain a safe distance away from others and the squad.
    • Coaching for juniors may take place with up to 15 per coach.
    • Maintain social distancing at all times.
  • Informal social play
    • For informal social play the above restrictions apply.
  • Organised activity
    • The government has confirmed that organised activity for larger groups cannot take place in tier 4, which includes adult coaching sessions, club nights and social tennis. There is an exemption for disabled people and U18 to continue coach led group activity (max group of 15), subject to Covid-19 guidelines being followed.
    • Participants in U18 group activity must not mingle before and after the activity, while maintaining social distancing with those from another household at all times.
    • Attendees must avoid social interaction with anyone outside the group they are with at all times during their visit.
    • Secure guidelines published by the LTA for venues, coaches, players and competitions must be followed. The Government has made it clear that organised larger group tennis activity is only permitted where this is the case.
    • The LTA recommends no more than 12 players on one full-size court and surrounding areas at any one time, to ensure social distancing can be maintained at all times. Mostly there will be fewer, but a scenario where this could apply is red stage tennis for children.
    • Organised group activity is defined as being activity organised by a national governing body, club, registered instructor/coach business or charity, where in all cases organiser must conduct a risk assessment and take all reasonable steps to limit transmission of the virus by reference to that risk assessment and all relevant Covid-19 Secure guidance.


Head Coach Lee Duncan and Coach Darren have a separate risk assessment that allows for safe individual and group coaching – up to 15 for children.

Supervision and spectating

  • Spectating not allowed. Parent / Guardian supervision permitted (one per player).

Social distancing

  • Players/parents please do not congregate on or around the court before or after play.
  • Attendees should not interact with anyone outside the group they are attending the venue with (eg players on another court or in a different coaching group) and they should maintain social distancing from those they do not live with or are in a support bubble with.

Health, safety and hygiene

  • Members are expected to take personal responsibility for carrying their own hand sanitisers / wipes / in their bags for their own use as appropriate.
  • First aid kit is situated in the small brown plastic shed to the left of the clubhouse (by the barbeque and de-fibrillator).
  • Two wall mounted hand sanitisers are on the clubhouse wall by the entrance – one outside, and one inside. There is also one attached to the fence at the entrance to court 8.
  • Clean all common touchpoint areas regularly (gates, door-handles, handrailsetc) using whatever personal protective equipment (PPE) that would normally be used.
  • Please do not lock court gates, leave them open. This avoids unnecessary touchpoints.
  • The toilets and washing facilities are checked daily including soap and sanitisers.
  • If someone who has played at Cranston develops symptoms of Covid-19 they should be directed to follow the `Government’s “test and trace” guidelines, – see website.

Outdoor facilities

  • Nets are at the appropriate height. Handles have been removed. Please do not touch.
  • Clay courts 1 and 2. These courts can be used but the courts are not to be dragged after play other than by the nominated person – the Groundsman. The exception to this is by players playing competitive matches eg box league. In this case, use your own wipes, or wipes are available in the Clubhouse – for wiping the drag handles.
  • Any unnecessary equipment and items are to be removed from courts (eg benches).
  • Appropriate cleaning measures are to be in place for any items that remain in place.

Indoor facilities

  • The Pavillion and Bar is closed with exception of entering to use toilets and to switch floodlights on and off.

Court booking and payments

  • Members must now book courts using either Clubspark Booker app (available from the App store on your mobile phone) or Clubspark website. It is straightforward to book a court.
  • The exception to this is social tennis where time slots are pre-allocated – however social tennis has currently stopped.

Court access

  • Court users should clean their hands with alcohol gel should they touch any shared surfaces – gates should be left open.
  • In car park and at entrances to courts, do not wait or loiter to avoid encounters with others, practising 2 metre social distancing.


  • Use your own equipment. Use your own racket. Bring and handle your own tennis balls. Mark them so you can identify them. However, if a racket needs to be borrowed, it will be thoroughly cleaned before and after.


  • The LTA have advised that organised competition for adults cannot take place. Singles and doubles competitions can take place for disabled and U18s. Off-court, individuals should not socialise with anyone outside of their own household or bubble.


  • All aspects relating to this are closed until further notice


  • Updates will be provided as the situation with social distancing and the coronavirus health advice changes. This notice takes effect from 30/12/20.
  • Any queries? Contact a committee member if present, or by email via our contact form.

Thank you
On behalf of the Management Committee